About Us

The Owner & The Brand

Studio Lynea is a fashionable yet attainable boutique offering straight and plus size fashion. Our goal is to promote body positivity and help create unique ready to wear looks that can make the everyday woman look bomb and feel confident!

A little back story on how Studio Lynea came about...Growing up I was a every shy and quite kid, with low self esteem. I've always loved fashion and looking my best! When I would play around with different pieces or just put on a BOMB outfit in general; my demeanor would change instantly! Knowing how it feels dealing with low self esteem, I want to give every woman the opportunity to feel and look her best!

Studio Lynea is so much more than what is on the surface. With Lynea being my middle name, it's me sharing a piece of myself with my customers; and the meaning of the word "studio" is a place where artists go to create art. Together it's the creativity of me to you.

Hence, why our slogan is, "Where Fashion is Art & You are the Muse"

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